Simple Wall Script

Multi instance Minecraft wall for finding speedrun seeds.

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– Select HotKey: Sets window under cursor as fullscreen
– Refresh HotKey: New world for all instances
– Column and rows: Select custom wall setups

Getting Started

Run multiple instances of Minecraft with MultiMC. For automatic resetting Atum mod is required. Recommend watching how to Setup Minecraft Speedrunning by k4yfour for a detailed mod installation guide.

After installing run SimpleWallScript.exe. WindowsDefender window will display a warning, click "More Info" and "Run Anyway" to start SimpleWall Script.

Alternative to .exe

Download AutoHotKey and run the .ahk version instead. This is the same program that the .exe is compiled from. The GitHub source code is also available.

.ahk v1.1.0 GitHub Page .exe v1.1.0